We’re Listening! Let’s Hear From You Gamer’s Out There

Beast Bound will be the best RPG out there, but it’ll take feedback from you, our faithful gamer’s.  Let us know in the comments section of the blog, or on Facebook.  Here’s a note and a 5 out of 5 star score from a gamer.

césar      5 stars out of 5

I do like the game but what the heck. Monsters always drop the same gold, there’s no armors, at levels 20 I get killed with around 3 attacks even while defending. Its impossible to farm enough potions to survive. Please make armors, better gold drops, increase hp gain by level.
 …and our response:

JB Gaming Inc.

César! Thank you so much for downloading our game! You are getting into territory few have experienced and we appreciate your feedback, we’re continually balancing and players like you are very valuable to that end! We hope our future adjustments will allow you to enjoy the game even more! Lvl 20, man, that takes commitment! Thanks again!

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