Still Not Sure About Trying Beast Bound? Here’s More Intel…


Let Beast Bound prove to you that classic, story driven, and turn based RPGs have not been forgotten!Saddle up with Cappi, your fellow beast-hunter and magical floating cat-panion, and dive into the lush island of Manaden, a vast world teeming with colorful characters and belligerent beasts.

Suddenly, your once failing beast hunting business is now booming! Sure, the world is overrun with dangerous monsters, but the jobs are just pouring in which is a good thing, right?… right?

Docile piglets are taking up pitchforks and prodding their masters, plants have come to life and are wreaking havoc at a 2nd grade level but, on the bright side, out of work monster hunters are suddenly back in business!

That’s where YOU come in!

But what could have triggered such a calamity? Why are beasts suddenly raining chaos on the island of Manaden? That’s the type of question a destitute monster hunter would ask if BUSINESS WASN’T BOOMING! GET OUT THERE AND GET THAT GOLD ON A WILD…


Take the lead and forge deep into Manaden with your old pal Cappi, your magic floating cat-panion! Together the two of you will discover deep woods, sandy beaches, leaky caves and unravel the…

Want to know more?  Grab your smart phone or tablet and download your copy today.  Play it for awhile and let us know what you think on our Facebook page.  We’re getting some pretty awesome reviews, let yours be heard too.

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