Is Beast Bound REALLY Free You Ask?

Well, IS IT?  Here’s my heart crossin’, hopin’ to die, stick a needle, well, you know,  honest-est of answers:

I’m tickled so, so pink that you all find entertainment value in my writing! That is my free gift to you. You know what else is my free gift to you? THE WHOLE FREAKIN’ GAME!

Ya’ll are justified in your concerns. I’d be wary, too, if I strolled into a game, got super invested in it, then took one big happy step forward only to have a pay-wall slam down on my foot.

Here’s the skinny, the scoop, the brassest of tacks we use a free to play model, I confess it. We are, however, very, very keen on our non-paying players having a great experience alongside our paying players.

We did our best to make paying for anything feel like an option rather than a necessity. There isn’t a single purchase that you MUST make in order to advance, scout’s honor. Over half of our IAP are cosmetic only (with so, so much more on the way). We are very concerned that, if a purchase cha-chings out of your phone, it’s because you wanted to, not because you felt you had to.

I’ve already heard from two separate players that they’ve made an in app purchase solely because they were won over by the charm and humor of our game. (How was THAT for a thinly veiled sale’s pitch? I kid you not, though, this is the first time in my career that I’ve ever had a player tell me that. I cannot overstate how engorged I am with joy and maternal bliss to hear it.)

All of that said, with ya’ll’s stances on f2p games, if ya give it a whirl I would love your feedback on how we did. If we did our jobs right, you should get hours of enjoyment out of this game without ever feeling stymied.                  ~ Lt. Action (keep talking, I’m listenin’)

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