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More and more people are finding themselves lost in the world of Manaden and want more.  Our ears are always open and we welcome your feedback.  In fact, we want Beast Bound to be THE most enjoyable game on the market, and it will take your input and support to help us achieve just that.  So download today, gear up tonight and let us know how we can improve (if that’s possible).

Here’s an excerpt from a game review by Lian Amaris on GameZebo’s website (


The gameplay is quite simple; tap to move your hero through the land, collect loot from the abundant chests, gift boxes and pathways, and battle monsters as you encounter them along the way by tapping quickly to attack or defend. Use the gold and items you find to craft potions, tools, weapons, and machines in your workshop.

Though Beast Bound is free-to-play, I didn’t encounter any noticeable paywalls that would prevent me from enjoying or progressing in the game. In fact, it seemed that almost everything could be earned through gameplay, with the exception of some optional vanity items.

Beast Bound is a peculiar adventure with odd little monsters, loads of loot, satisfying battles, and a quirky narrative that will keep you foraging and fighting. It’s worth a try for any fans of classic RPGs.

Read Lian’s full review here, then comment below or on our Facebook post what you think of the game.  Remember, it only gets better with your voices.

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